Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Captain America 100 project blank cover I painted for Hero Initiative is being auctioned right now on ebay. If you are interested in my cover please check it out:
Remember, all proceeds go to Hero Initiative and comic book creators in medical and financial need. Thank you! 
La portada del proyecto 100 de Capitan America que pinte a beneficio de Hero Initiative se está subastando ahora en ebay. Si están interesados en mi portada por favor sigan este link:

Recuerden, todo lo que se recaude va para Hero Initiative y artistas de comics en necesidad medica y económica. Gracias! 

Friday, October 4, 2019

The Death of Superman

This is the retailer exclusive cover of Tales from the Dark Multiverse The Death of Superman that I painted for the wonderful people at BuyMeToys. I hope ypu like it 😏

This piece has a complimenting designs to the Batman Knightfall cover.
Both of them can be pre-order at the Website or at their store.

The Next Chapter in the Dark Nights: Metal Saga Begins Here!
Return to some of the most famous events in DC history in Tales From the Dark Multiverse - But this time the stories are even more twisted and tragic than ever...

Written by Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins (In-Store 10/16/2019)

Written by Jeff Loveness (In-Store 10/30/2019)

Each comic is available as an exclusive or as a set with a "virgin" cover. They are also offering an Ultimate set with all the covers from each book. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Batman Knightfall

This is a new Tales from the Dark Multiverse - Batman Knightfall #1 Retailer Exclusive Cover I painted for the wonderful folks at BuyMeToys.ComAvailable now for pre-order in store or at their website. I hope you like it! 🦇🙂
(W) Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins (A) Javi Fernandez (CA) Lee Weeks
Don't miss this twisted tale from the pages of the game-changing event "Batman: Knightfall"! Thirty years after Bruce Wayne was broken and failed to take back the mantle of the Bat, Jean-Paul Valley, now known as Saint Batman, has turned Gotham into the city of his dreams. In his new order, killing has become commonplace and criminals live in constant fear-all in the name of justice. But just when all seems lost, a new hope for Gotham City rises...the son of Bane!