Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marvel Heroes

A Marvel Heroes painting I did a few years ago for the fine folks of Toy Biz. I hope you like it! :)


Ði£GÕ ¥ªþµR said...

impresionante!!! muy grosso! un Saludo!

Rodrigo said...

qué lindo!!!!

laura.verazzi said...

Was about time!! Too many heroes together. How inspiring!

Sebastián Fiumara said...

Silver Surper la rompe!!!

Rodolfo Migliari said...

Muchas gracias a todos! :)

Kravis said...

Hi, Rodolfo!
Your Green Lantern variant covers are beautiful!

Was the variant cover for Green Lantern Corps #38 yours too?

Rodolfo Migliari said...

Hi, Kravis!

Thank you for your compliments and for stopping by the blog :)

No, the variant cover for GL Corps #38 was done by the always amazing Glen Fabry.