Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smallville - Absolute Justice

The Smallville episode "Absolute Justice" aired last night on the CW and I have to say I LOVED it! It's amazing how Geoff managed to introduce so much of comic book history seamlessly into the Smallville universe in just two hours! The episode is great, Geoff and the Smallville team did an AMAZING job.
If you haven't got the chance to see it try to watch it ... it's worth it :D
And I want to thank the wonderful Geoff Johns and the production team behind Smallville for giving me the opportunity of doing this JSA painting for the episode and for making the process so easy and enjoyable for me. Thank you!

....oh! And this is a scan of the painting :)


Bubbashelby said...

I agree - an excellent episode - and you painting was very well highlighted too!

May I re-post this scan on my blog?



Rodolfo Migliari said...

Sure, go ahead :)

Avilos said...

I really love your painting.

I have a question though -

Here Hawkman's costume appears purple. Yet in the actual episode the painting looks different. What is the reason for this?

meege said...

The JSA is my all time favorite super team! I instantly fell in love with your painting. Sheer genius, Sir. Are you considering creating lithographs that us "average Joes" can purchase?
BTW I've been reading The Blackest Night story. I'm a huge fan of your artwork. Do you plan on attending Wonder-Con in San Francisco. If so, I love to get a chance to meet you.


Rodolfo Migliari said...

Avilos, Thank you! :) The painting on the show is actually a print, the original is considerably smaller (about 27.5" by 11.8") when I was working on the painting the only reference material they had to show me for Hawkman was a costume design drawing in which the chest plate and the wings were purple. Eventually Hawkman's costume was made brown and I suppose they digitally color corrected the painting before printing it so it will match the costume :) The image I posted here is the first scan I made from the original.

Meege, Thank you so much! About the lithographs I don't think I'll be able to make them because of copyright infringements. But I've been receiving a lot of request for prints, all I can do is pass along the request to the powers that be, hopefully they will made them available at some point :D
I won't be able to make it to Wonder-Con this year, I'll definitely will go next year I really want to visit San Francisco everybody says it's a beautiful city! :) I'm looking forward to meet you!

theclexfactor said...

A gorgeous painting for an amazing episode of television. A chill went through me when Clark unveiled the painting and just everything gave me goosebumps to see these iconic characters come to life. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Tell GJ that he is The Man.

Since you won't make it to Wonder Con, will you be at the San Diego Comic Con?

Rodrigo said...

smallvile te queda chica!

H3NR7 said...

Great episode. So much fun. I rewinded and re watched so many scenes. And I Love your painting. It was the revelation of your painting that firmly rooted the JSA in history and gave the moment a sense of gravitas.
Well done.

Rodolfo Migliari said...

theclexfactor, Thank YOU! For me the goosebumps came when Dr. Fate transforms for the first time :D I'll tell Geoff you said he's The Man but trust me...I've been telling him exactly that since I saw the episode lol! Attending the San Diego Comic Con it's my plan (but truth be told I started the paper work necessary to leave the country - I'm living in Argentina - a bit late so all depends if I get my visa and the rest of the documents in time :)) I'll keep you posted.
Rodrigo, a usted le queda chico este blog! Gracias por su comentario :)
H3NR7, Thank you so much! :)

Javier B.V said...


mistermoonlight said...

Rodolfo, thanks so much for your awesome painting. We've been having quite a discussion about it over on the Smallville forum at I got goosebumps seeing it, along with the other museum items during the Absolute Justice scene. We're guessing the inspiration was the cover of All-Star Comics #3, which first introduced the JSA--along possibly with a bit of King Arthur's knights of the round table, and maybe even a touch of Da Vinci's "Last Supper." Are we on target?

Rodolfo Migliari said...

mistermoonlight, you are most welcome! And you are CORRECT sir! :) Geoff asked me to do a combination between the cover of All-Star Comics #3 and Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper". It makes me really happy you guys saw that, thank you! :)

Pavada de Historieta! said...

eeeeeeeeeh!!!! no entiendo un joraca lo que te dicen, chabon!!! pero sos un mostro!!! te fuiste al carajo!!! (ja, mas argento no puedo ser...)

Rodolfo Migliari said...

Javier B.V, :)

Sergio!!! Que grande que sos! Muchas gracias hermano!

Johnny Mulder said...

Como ya te dije por el Fecebook, Rodolfo, tu Arte, es de lo mejor que he visto en mucho tiempo, espero ver muchisimos mas de tus trabajos y desde hace un buen te tengo en mi links amigo, saludos y exitos de corazon

Rodolfo Migliari said...

Johnny, Muchisimas gracias! Te mando un fuerte abrazo y gracias por pasarte por el blog tambien :)

Gustavo Ippolito said...

Realmente sin palabras. Realmente espectacular el dibujo Rodolfo. Recién hoy me enteré que era tuyo... y que sos argentino :P

A ver cuándo comienzan con la producción de posters. :))