Friday, April 16, 2010

Painted Sketches

Until I can post some new covers I would like to share with you two quick complimentary painted sketches I did for a very patient person who acquired two original covers a while ago. Since I make him wait so long I decided to add color to one of the sketches as a way of an apology :) From left to right: Larfleeze and  Lyssa Drak. I hope you like them! :)


Kiro said...

Hermoso, mejor dicho Hemosa!!!primero el juego exquisito entre los grises y el negro pleno. y luego el color, ese azul aturquesado es bellĂ­simo!!! genial!!!un abrazo!!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning work Rodolfo!
I am sure the person you did them for will be happy he waited.
All the best, Matt

Rodolfo Migliari said...

Kiro, que grande! Muchas gracias! Un abrazote :)

Matt, I can only hope :P thank you! :)